Money Transfer API

Money Transfer Features


Easy Integrations

Our API integration process is very simple and developer friendly for 3rd party applications. Support multiple languages.No lengthy codes to integrate

High TPS

Based on 3rd party application request it support High Transaction Per Second.This API is built to handle extreme user load.

First Reconciliation

Reconciliation API module can process high-quality and accurate transaction very fast.Separate report for Commission ,service charge, Refund.

Single account for all service

No need for multimle wallet for different services.Our single wallet system is bouquet of flowers for diffrent services.


Security is our highest priority.Java and oracle based API solution build in different layers which gives high security.

Dash Board

Our dynamic Dash Board provides single window to monitor different activity.It helps to analyze Data quickly and influence future decision making.

API Lifecycle Management

Updating API regularly is our company habit.We keep new and old API live same time so that our 3rd party developer get time modify with their application.

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Domestic Money Remittance

Domestic Money Transfer Service (DMTS) lets anyone, who carries in cash, to transfer the amount to anyone’s account with in India. It is a process for instant money transfer, which is hassle free, safe and fast. provides its customer different bank API for safe and secure domestic money transfer through our robust and advanced platform. IMPS (Instant Money Transfer) and NEFT (receives credit in 4 hrs) are the two mode of transaction which is used in the platform for Domestic Money Service.

IMPS Service

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is a payment service which makes the money transfer process instant. IMPS works as an electronic money transfer platform. It allows it users to transfer fund immediately without any hassle by making the process fast and secure.

It is the most widely used service for fund transfer in today’s life as it is instant, easy and secure. It works 24*7 including Saturdays, Sundays and all national holidays. IMPS also works as an electronic money transfer system for the interbank transaction.

NEFT Payment System

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a payment system that is used for transferring money from one to one from any bank to any other bank with in India. In NEFT the transaction happens within banks of the sender and receiver.

NEFT is easy and secure process for transferring funds. It takes 3-4 hours for completing the transaction. It works online as well as offline also. It works only banking hours and closed on bank holidays. It has a higher limit than IMPS for transferring fund.