Industries Overview

Our company due to its attention and passion,in short time,covered few most importand sectors.In short time only, our company is involved in telecom(VAS),education,finance,travel,health and ERP.All these happened due to our incredible team(Developers and Management Team).This progress is happening due to the customer who are satisfies by our work.

Telecom(Vas) industry-telecom

We develop different telecom(VAS) applications, like Virtual Private Number,SMS Gateway,etc.VPN is a number which is connected with server and send information to data base.

Education education

We provide Total Management System for School, Montessori, College, Educational Institutional Institute.

Finance finance

We provide Total Finance Management System to different Small and Medium agencies. It provides details accounting information into finger trip.

Travel travel

We provide Total Travel Management System to Hotels, Tour agencies, Car rental agencies , etc .

Health health

A wide renge of Health Aplicatons available.Like Pateint Management System,Clinic Management System,Nursing Home Management System, etc.


We have different ERP module like Manufacturing ,Finance, Customer,Human Resource Management System and Supply chain Management System .