SHG Solution

SHG is an informal association of people with similar socio-economic background to improve their living conditions through various ways. India with more people living in rural areas than the urban areas with poor economic condition, SHG helps to make better livelihood.

Our application is to make the whole SHG digitalized to make the process easier to understand and increase the number of participants.


B2B Service

Fintech business in India is going to be a 30 billion dollar with in 2 years and B2B model wiil be main game player.B2B Company purchased API from direct Bank or 3rd party but there was no good Development firm.B2B Customer Mainly go to any freelancer or very small development firm but they lack in experiance with high transaction and security.Also due to knowladge they teat this as One time sale and not provide proper update and support.



B2C Service

With increasing demand for Fintech services in India, after demonetization the demand for Fintech services in B2C model has also increased. For individual or personal use also we provide fintech services, which come under B2C model.

In B2C model one can simply use our services with just after register or login into our application. User can access our services with topmost security in anytime anywhere with just an internet connection without any charges.


Lending Solution

Lending business is growing very fast in India.Many startUp and big organization entering in this business.Our Digital platform provide fully customized and complete solution.It helps new organization to start quickly with out much train and error and save operational cost. Not only we take care application related activity but also our other wallet services Lending startUp to keep engage their customer.



Co-operative Bank Wallet Solution

Co-operative Bank customers do not have Digital services like other nationalized bank.Our wallet service provide complete solution for Utility bill payment,Money Transfer ,Balance and mini statement check,Flight,Hotel,Bus booking system, etc using mobile. Our simple integration system helps onboard any co-operative Bank exsisting application with us.